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#86 – Founders KBS Vertical and Trampled By Turtles

31 Jul

Founders KBS

Our first four-way! Call it an all-star episode. From a handful of previous episodes, we are joined by both Garrett AND Dave. This is actually the first of three four-way episodes. The production is a little all-over-the-damn-place because four dudes two mics, but it actually comes out sounding better than I expected.

For a momentous occasion such as this, we pulled together an interesting beer. Actually, three beers. Actually, the same beer from three different years. I’ll just get to it, the beer was KBS from Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We THINK the bottles were 2009, 2013, and 2014. We’re sure one was 2014, we’re pretty sure one was 2013, and I think the other one was from 2009, sort of.

Trampled By Turtles released a new album on July 15th, so the fact that we’re reviewing one of their songs should be OBVIOUS. We take a listen to “Come Back Home”. It is good.

Production note: I have NO IDEA what that sound is at 20:27. Best guess wins nothing. [It happens again at 24:49!]

Trampled By Turtles - Wild Animals

#67 – Red Brick Beard Envy and Dave Simonett

13 Feb

Red Brick Beard Envy Barleywine

We drink the latest in the Brick Mason series from Atlanta’s own Red Brick Brewing Company, which is more traditionally known as Atlanta Brewing Company. [I would link you directly to the beer, but not only is the beer not listed anywhere on their site, but, as we mention on the episode (and as of this writing), the Uniform Resource Locator PRINTED ON THE LABEL OF THE BEER returns a 404 error. That is something I would do. Get your own jokes, Red Brick.

The song this week, THE SONG, is by Trampled By Turtles frontman Dave Simonett’s recently released solo EP Razor Pony. I am a big fan (SHOCKER). Russ … well, Russ is a very special person and we love him very much.

Dave Simonett Razor Pony

#3 – Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye and Trampled by Turtles

21 May

Behold, episode 3 of 1beer1song!

In this episode, we drink Ruthless Rye from Sierra Nevada and listen to a track from the latest Trampled By Turtles album. I also got a little tricky and added some additional music near the beginning. This is a trend I do not expect to continue, because it is time-consuming. So enjoy it while you can.