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#55.5 – 1 Beer 1 Dawg Collaboration with The Dawg Gone Podcast

28 Aug

Dawg Sports

We bring you a special episode this week. Our friend Kit, who hosts The Dawg Gone Podcast over at dawgsports.com, was recently burglarized and all of his recording equipment is now “in the cloud” so to speak. The Dawg Gone Podcast focuses on Georgia Football, and, with the 2013 season mere days away, we couldn’t just stand on the sidelines and let a bunch of Georgia Football chatter go unchattered. We opened up the 1 Beer 1 Song studios and set about doing a collaboration episode. We are calling this 1 Beer 1 Dawg, but it is technically The Dawg Gone Podcast Episode 67.

We talk about the upcoming Georgia-Clemson game and reminisce some of our fondest (and least fondest) memories of being in the Redcoat Band at UGA, all while drinking and discussing Recreation Ale from Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, GA and “Thomas” from Westbrook Brewing Company’s Bearded Farmer Saison series. In an attempt to keep things topical, Westbrook happens to be in South Carolina.

To recap, this episode features two beers and no songs. If you are a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs or college football in general, you will love this episode. If neither of those are really your thing, you will love this episode.

Dawg Gone Podcast

#27 – Terrapin BFM Collaboration and Pg. Lost

20 Nov

Once again we start with some songage before moving on to the beerage. I failed to share the beauty of Mastodon with Russ as I had planned in Episode 26, so we get that out of the way right up front. Russ was stoked. The riffage from 3:37 (of the podcast) to the end of the song is the stuff dreams are made of. After the song, I showed off the snazzy 9-second-long Blood and Thunder ringtone I made a couple years ago. You can download it below. That’s right, two episodes, two ringtones. I believe ringtones are soon going to be the new text messages, you guys. Invest with confidence.

Mastodon – Blood and Thunder ringtone .m4r file (iOS ringtone)

Mastodon – Blood and Thunder ringtone .mp3 file

So, THE BEER. This week, we happily quaff the 2011 Barley Ryne from Terrapin Beer Company in Athens, GA and Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes (BFM), in Jura, Switzerland. We did an awesome job speculating on the origins of this beer and the version brewed at BFM that preceded it, and ended up saying several things that were probably incorrect. And we actually prepared for this a little bit. I spoke with someone at Terrapin and they set me straight. For the purposes of chronology, we will call them Version 1 and Version 2:

    Version 1 – Barleywine brewed at BFM in Switzerland in early 2011. Aged in oak Rum barrels. Contains notable (good) funkiness from the barrel-aging process. Served in 11.4 oz. swing-top bottles (pic). This is NOT the beer we’re drinking for this episode.
    Version 2 – Barleywine brewed in September, 2011 at Terrapin. Aged on borbon oak. More representative of a traditional American Barlelywine. Oh, look, here’s an info sheet (PDF) on the beer directly from the, er, turtle’s mouth. This IS the beer we are drinking in this episode.

We have both versions and will likely do a comparison episode at some point in the future. Or not. You’re not the boss of us.

OH GOD, THE SONG. We listen to Spirits Stampede from Pg. Lost off their recent record, Key. I try, badly, to summarize the genre known by many as post-rock. Russ … well you’ll just have to listen.

#17 – Terrapin AND Red Brick and Maserati

14 Sep

17th episode extravaganza featuring not one but TWO current beers from Georgia BOTH featuring the number 17 in one way or another. Two wildly different beers, and we talk ALL about it. The audio imbalance that has been plaguing us is still there but it’s not as bad as the previous two episodes.

We also reviewed a song from the new Maserati album due out in October.

As I mentioned before, we are in the process of migrating to a more permanent hosting solution, so I’m going to spend less time writing these dumb-ass episode summaries and more time working on that.

#5 – Terrapin and No Songs

5 Jun

In this episode, John from Terrapin sits in for Russ. We drink and chat about two beers from Terrapin, their 10 Year Anniversary Ale and their Side Project #16 – Flux Capacitor.

Also, I’m posting this on the tumblr page as a text post to see how it changes the appearance in iTunes. The main drawback of this approach is that there is no handy-dandy audio player embedded on the Tumblr page; you either have to listen from iTunes, or download the mp3. Actually, I think most modern browsers should stream it for you if you click on the link to the mp3.