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#33 – Stone Vertical Epics and The Menzingers

4 Jan

We ring in the new year with a celebration of deliquency–reviewing a beer and song both firmly lodged in 2012. The beer is the Vertical Epic Ale series from Stone Brewing Co., which is actually eleven beers. We reviewed all eleven beers dating back to February, 2002 and we got so drunk that Russ wrote and recorded a 16-minute drum solo and I tried to drink a futon. LOL SIKE WUT! We drank two vintages from the Vertical Epic series. Listen for the deets.

The song is from last year’s Menzingers album, On The Impossible Past. I am on the record as a Menzingers fan, and, despite listening to OTIP when it was released, it didn’t get much time in my ear holes last year. So, I wanted to get them into the 1 Beer 1 Song archive before their last album gets too terrible old. Get this, Russ likes it. Don’t let him tell you otherwise.

CORRECTION: In this episode, I talked all about how the Menzingers are on Fat Wreck Chords. Turns out they are on Epitaph Records. Anyone familiar with these two labels will surely understand the mistake, but that doesn’t make it any less incorrect. Starting out the new year right! Sigh …

#24 – Stone 16th Anniversary and Propagandhi

29 Oct

We drink the 16th Anniversary IPA from Stone Brewing. It’s made with lemon verbena. It is delicious. We discuss how Stone Brewing is kind of the Apple Computer of craft beer.

We listen to the title track of the latest Propagandhi album, Failed States. Given that Propagandhi is louder than The Carpenters, Russ’s reaction is somewhat predictable. The real entertainment, however, is in Russ’s reaction to the old Propagandhi song we listen to as a reference to how their sound has evolved. Gold, Jerry! Gold! I inadvertently managed to do half an episode on Propagandhi without a single mention of John K. Samson or The Weakerthans, two artists of which I am very fond.

It looks like ~20-minute-long episodes are the new normal. We want to produce episodes that have good topical integrity and maintain forward momentum throughout, and I think we are honoring that directive despite the steadily increasing episode length. There is something comfortable about 20 minutes. Please let us know if you disagree. I would also like to point out that we posted 5 episodes this month because we are a couple of badasses.

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