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#80 – Knee Deep Brewing Simtra Triple IPA and Hot Water Music

12 Jun

Knee Deep Brewing Company - Simtra Triple IPA

First off, apologies for the microphone abuse during the first ~2 seconds of this episode. I tried to balance out the volume as much as I could … well, you’ll hear it.

Summer is upon us, and what better way to cool off in the heat than with an 11.25% 100+ IBU Insanity Pale Ale?! We bust open a bottle of Simtra Triple IPA from Knee Deep Brewing Co. in Auburn, California.

Hot Water Music was selected from the Bored of Songs. We reviewed one of their songs way back on Episode 4, but it was a newer song and I wanted to take Russ down Fuel For The Hate Game lane. What happens next will amaze you.

Hot Water Music - Fuel For The Hate Game

#79 – Ninkasi Critical Hit R&D Barleywine and Ray Lamontagne

20 May

(The bottle we drank was a 2012, not 2011.)

(The bottle we drank was a 2012, not 2011.)

We drink a 2012 Critical Hit Barleywine from Ninkasi’s R&D (rare & delicious) series. It was indeed delicious. This is the latest trasure from the box of beer Mike D. sent a few weeks ago. I was texting with Mike, and my phone autocorrected ‘barleywine’ to ‘battle wine,’ which is a much, much better name for, well, everything.

I gave Russ a choice this week. He could pick from the board of songs, or we could review a new song from radio-friendly Ray Lamontagne. The reason I nominated Ray Lamontagne is 1) I’m a big fan of his song Trouble, and 2) he is from Maine and has a beard and Ninkasi Brewing is in Eugene, Oregon. Obvious, right? The option Russ selected is SO SURPRISING. Seriously, I would not have been more surprised if Russ unzipped his skin and was actually Madonna.

Ray LaMontagne - Supernova

#78 – Oakshire Brewing Perfect Storm DIPA and Disasteratti

9 May

Oakshire Brewing - The Perfect Storm Double IPA

Mike D., of the short-lived but awesomely hilarious Slewcast, sent me a box of some of Oregon’s best, and we get into the first of them starting on this episode with Oakshire Brewing‘s The Perfect Storm DIPA. We did this beer a disservice by not having virgin palates when we drank it. Despite that misstep, this is a wonderful beer and we enjoyed it. Sorry, Oakshire. Send us shirts please. Large.

Complimenting the DIPA is a recently released track from Minneapolis “noise/groove/attack rock” artists Disasteratti. I gotta tell you guys, Russ is coming around on some of this rock stuff. It’s probably just Stockholm syndrome. Whatever, I’ll take it.

Housekeeping note: This episode is being posted two days after our TWO YEAR anniversary of this crap. Two years!? ehehehehehehehehe

Disasteratti Cerebral Hack Artist

#76 – Firestone Walker Double DBA and Snuff

18 Apr

Firestone Walker Double DBA

This is an episode of a podcast wherein two dudes discuss a beer and a song just like they have 75 times previously. It’s simple, really. Don’t make it weird. You always make it weird. Just listen. Ssshhhhhh-sh-sh-sh. It’ll be over soon.

Snuff - Demmamussabebonk

#75 – Cigar City Hopped On The High Seas (Calypso) and Old 97’s

11 Apr

Cigar City - Hopped On The High Seas [Calypso]

Everyone loves IPA. Everyone loves canned beer. Everyone loves Cigar City Brewing. BOOM! We have all three. Specifically, the 6th installment of the Hopped On The High Seas series, this one with Calypso hops.

We also listen to a track of the forthcoming Old 97’s album Most Messed Up. It comes out on 4/29, though digital downloads are available starting 4/25. Give the Old 97’s all of your money because they deserve it more than you.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge two egregious errors I made on this episode. We’re certainly no sticklers for “facts,” but these were bad enough to warrant corrections:

1. I mention that Lion Stout is brewed somewhere in the Caribbean. This was just a test, naturally, because EVERYONE knows Lion Stout is brewed in Biyagama, Sri Lanka, DUH.

2. I mention that the contract brewing network Cigar City recently signed with is called Interbrew, LIKE A DUMBASS, because everyone knows that particular contract brewing network is called The Brew Hub. (Interbrew is the Belgian brewing conglomerate that acquired AB in 2008 resulting in the multi-national dumpster fire called AB InBev.

Old 97's - Most Messed Up

#73 – Jekyll Brewing Hop Dang Diggity and Whores.

28 Mar

Jekyll Brewing Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA

We sit down to chat after a long day of imbibing at the first annual Georgia Craft Beer Fest, a fundraiser for the Georgia Craft Brewer’s Guild. We drink a beer from Georgia, the Hop Dang Diggity Southern IPA from Jekyll Brewing. We make fun of Alpharetta, Georgia where Jekyll Brewing is located. We listen to a song from and Atlanta band, Whores., who are currently on tour. Thing we learned this week: One way to get Russ to enjoy things is to make sure he’s been drinking for nine hours before he tries them.

Whores. Clean

#72 – THE WIVES – New Glarus Belgian Red and Pharrell Williams

21 Mar

Image by http://alechemy.blogspot.com. Used without permission.

Image by http://alechemy.blogspot.com. Used without permission.

This is the episode you’ve all been waiting for. While Russ and I were busy doing our post-modern fatherly duties of putting the kids to bed, our wives commandeered the mics and recorded an episode! There was no stopping them. They picked the beer and the song and the rest is history. In this episode, we learn what a woobie is. We also hear insights about women over 50 making out snuggling. WE ALSO HEAR ABOUT HOW GOOD TONY (ME) SMELLS. This will doubtlessly be the most popular episode ever, and rightfully so.

Pharrell Williams - Happy

#71 – Wild Heaven Eschaton and The Black Crowes at The Craft Beer Factory

17 Mar

Wild Heaven Eschaton

As the title implies, this episode was recorded on location at a new growler store in East Cobb called The Craft Beer Factory in Marietta, GA (well, technically unincorporated Cobb County, which we discuss).

Jeremy, the manager at The Craft Beer Factory, was nice enough to have us in a couple weeks back to talk about his business, his special segment of the craft beer industry, micro-local geography, and nakedness. We opted to quaff some Wild Heaven Eschaton to continue the local theme. Also, Eschaton is delicious.

For maximum the hyper-localness, we listen to a song from Ye Olde Black Crowes, who went to high school about 3 miles from The Craft Beer Factory. And when you talk about the Black Crowes, there’s really only one song to mention. We do not get tricky.

The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker

#69 – Bell’s Hopslam and ALL

28 Feb

Bell's Hopslam

We’re joined this week by our good pal Garrett in the first of three episodes with suckers guests. You may remember Garrett from episodes 54 and 55 when we tore through a Hebrew Jewbelation Vertical Gift Pack. This time around, Garrett brought over a Bell’s Hopslam from 2012, which we tasted next to a bottle from this year’s batch. It may sound like we’re just using Garrett for his beer. Nothing could be further from the truth. We love Garrett. I love you, Garrett.

As the special guest, and because he showed up with a beer but no song, Garrett got to choose a song from the Board of Songs. He chose ALL, which was actually a fairly recent addition at the behest of our buddy (and 1 Beer 1 Song superfan), Noland, of the Barstool Therapy Podcast. If you want to hear Russ and Garrett really underappreciate a song, you gotta check this out.

All Breaking Things

#68 – IPA SHOWDOWN and The Mountain Goats

20 Feb

Ballast Point Sculpin Lagunitas Sucks Stone Enjoy By 2.14.14

Whale whale whale, what have we got here? We got ourselves some sorta IPA showdown! I make some disclaimers at the beginning, but it should be plainly obvious that this is by no means comprehensive, or, for that matter, not ridiculously stupid. That said, comparing beers side-by-side is where its at and we would do this even if we weren’t recording. Also notable: We wax parental immediately after the song (around the 21:00 mark). At 37 minutes total, this one runs a bit long, but, come on, THREE BEERS! Also the very end is chuckle-worthy. Do it.

The Mountain Goats The Sunset Tree