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#16 – Green Flash Brewing and Old Crow Medicine Show

7 Sep

GreenFlash Rayon Vert and a track from the new Old Crow Medicine Show album (and maybe a little audio surprise).

The volume discrepancy between Russ and I seems even worse on this episode despite having moved the mic quite a bit closer to Russ. I have some theories that have to do with mic angle, as in, my mouth is pointing right at the mic and Russ is pointing at the side of the mic. Whatever. Listen on headphones.

We like the beer, despite all the head, RUSS. Listening to me pontificate about sour beers, I realize that I don’t really know that much about sour beers [relatively] and the things coming out of my mouth could be way, way wrong. I sound pretty smart, though, so suck it.

Old Crow is good. The song is good. And the surprise is also good. Russ even invents a new genre of music.

New Mic Stand

30 Aug

Look at our fancy new mic stand. Look at it!