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#88 – Florida Beer Company Devil’s Triangle IPA and Quiet Hounds

14 Aug

Florida Beer Company

Welcome to 1 beer 1 song where, according to Russ, “each week we undercategorize and misrepresent a beer and a blah blah blah …” Sometimes it’s like he’s never listened to a single episode of the show. That’s actually quite possible.

This is the final of three episodes with Garrett and Dave. We were gifted some IPA from Florida Beer Company, which we summarily drank and pondered. Click the link to the website at your own risk, it is depressingly neglected and barely functional. By the looks of things, FBC would much rather you visit them at their Facebook page.

The song this week is a track from the brand-spanking-new Quiet Hounds album, Wild Hunt. Those keeping score will recall we reviewed a Quiet Hounds song WAY back on episode 8, around the time their last album came out. This is fun because Russ and Dave play instruments with the Quiet Hounds, so we will probably review a Quiet Hounds song every time they release a new album. Also, they are good and we like them.

Programming note: No idea what the weirdness is 20:49-20:55, possibly cell phones?

Quiet Hounds - Wild Hunt

#8 – Anderson Valley Trippel and Quiet Hounds

19 Jul

Here we are, episode number whatever of 1 beer 1 song. In this episode, we dissect the smells, flavors, and label of Anderson Valley Brother David’s Triple Abbey Style Ale. We also listen to I Get Up from Quiet Hounds. There are some funny moments herein.

When we started this project, we actually did a little bit of research on the beers we reviewed in each episode. Since then, our half-assed efforts have become more … eighth-assed, or something, and we’ve been doing more of our reporting based solely on what is on each beer’s label (I actually mention this at the 3:55 mark in this episode). Personally, I like this. Your average consumer, while standing in the beer aisle trying to decide what to buy, doesn’t have ratebeer.com or beeradvocate.com open doing research. That’s not to say craft beer enthusiasts don’t do their research, I’m just saying … you know what I’m saying. I like the idea of reviewing beers based on the marketing info provided by the brewer. So look for more of that.

Also, I mention in this episode that I was going to post a photo of what my son thought of our format. The sheet of paper I referenced has since disappeared. So, imagine a list, not unlike a band’s set list, that has been thoroughly and angrily molested by a Sharpie.