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#44 – New Belgium Heavenly Feijoa and Kathleen Edwards

22 Mar

We drink Heavenly Feijoa Tripel, which is a Lips of Faith collaboration between New Belgium and Brasserie Dieu du Ciel (Montreal).

We were recently made aware that the music selection on this show has been decidedly non-female in nature. This topic could be argued from any number of different angles, but, a quick scan of the EPISODE GUIDE reveals that, indeed, there are only a handful of female musicians involved in the list, and only one who could be considered a “female artist” … Carly Rae Jepsen. (Aimee Mann doesn’t count.) So this week, we decided to [begin to] swing that pendulum the other direction with a song from Kathleen Edwards. Are we going to feature female artists non-stop until we’ve established some sort of balance in the episode guide? No. Are we going to ensure there is some sort of equitable split between female and non-female artists in our musical selection moving forward? Absolutely not. We are simply acknowledging the disparity and pledging to be more aware of our decision making.

#14 – Alpine & New Belgium Collaboration and Mumford & Sons

24 Aug

First of all, LONGEST EPISODE EVER. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

This has been a technologically challenging couple of weeks. We recorded some episodes one night in August. The first one was terrible. DELETE. (We will revisit the beer and song/band later). The next two episodes didn’t survive the file transfer process. We are idiots. The final episode made it, so here you go. Unfortunately, in this episode, there are references to previous episodes that no longer exist. Here is a key to the non-sequiturs:

Collaboration Not Litigation – This is a well-known beer. We will review it again in a future episode.

Elevator Joke – We reviewed a new Maserati song. I love Russ. He means well. We will definitely review the new Maserati in a future episode, hey, maybe even with Collaboration Not Litigation. Wow, that was easy. RIP Jerry.

Seth episode – Both a beer and a song (and a song-related fiasco) were influenced by our friend Seth. We will revisit the beer and perhaps the song from this ill-fated episode.