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#88 – Florida Beer Company Devil’s Triangle IPA and Quiet Hounds

14 Aug

Florida Beer Company

Welcome to 1 beer 1 song where, according to Russ, “each week we undercategorize and misrepresent a beer and a blah blah blah …” Sometimes it’s like he’s never listened to a single episode of the show. That’s actually quite possible.

This is the final of three episodes with Garrett and Dave. We were gifted some IPA from Florida Beer Company, which we summarily drank and pondered. Click the link to the website at your own risk, it is depressingly neglected and barely functional. By the looks of things, FBC would much rather you visit them at their Facebook page.

The song this week is a track from the brand-spanking-new Quiet Hounds album, Wild Hunt. Those keeping score will recall we reviewed a Quiet Hounds song WAY back on episode 8, around the time their last album came out. This is fun because Russ and Dave play instruments with the Quiet Hounds, so we will probably review a Quiet Hounds song every time they release a new album. Also, they are good and we like them.

Programming note: No idea what the weirdness is 20:49-20:55, possibly cell phones?

Quiet Hounds - Wild Hunt

#84 – AleSmith IPA and Dayroom

23 Jul

AleSmith IPA

Oh look, an IPA from San Diego. This time from Alesmith. Why yes, we HAVE enjoyed beer from Alesmith before. It was episode 63, thank you for asking. Unfortunately this one was bottled almost six months before we drank it. What happens next will [probably not] surprise you.

Russ brought the song this week! Insights into Russ’s musical heritage are normally a real treat and this one does not disappoint. Apparently a band called Dayroom was a thing when we were in college during the Clinton administration. They are reuniting for a couple shows so we spin one of their old hits. What happens next will [probably not] surprise you.

Dayroom - Contagious

#46 – Stone Enjoy By IPA and FEAR

12 Jun

This week, we openly defy the demands of Stone Brewing and drink the 6th edition of their Enjoy By IPA 11 days AFTER the Enjoy By date. Despite being past the Enjoy By date, this beer was still under two months old, which is far fresher than a lot of the beer you normally drink, especially for stuff that comes from the other side of the country (or, say, across oceans). Stone is to be commended for their efforts to spread the gospel of fresh beer. Not only does Stone advocate that craft beer is best when consumed fresh, they put their money where their mouths are and ask customers to Report Expired Beer. Listen to the episode to get our thoughts on the beer.

The song is a bit out of left field. Russ expressed an interest in what I thought was the band FEAR, but was actually just a fun fact about FEAR’s singer, Lee Ving. (Worth noting: FEAR does not appear to have an official website.) We listen to “I Don’t Care About You” off Live … For The Record. Lots of fond memories from this record and Russ’s cultural awareness has again been expanded a couple orders of magnitude. We do good work here, people.

Speaking of doing good work, you may have noticed on the last two episodes that we sound FREAKING AWESOME. This sonderful new development is due entirely to the acquisition of a Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB interface. Now we each have our own mic so our voices can be mixed as separate tracks. Honestly, though, I just put all the spoken tracks through a compression meat grinder and all the levels come out the same. Whatever works.