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#41 – 21st Amendment Sneak Attack and Buke and Gase

27 Feb

A funky, spicy beer and a funky, spicy song. It’s like a Food Network Special up in here! We drink Sneak Attack from 21st Amendment. We are fans of 21st Amendment, because cans and because art and also because beer. We actually reviewed 21st Amendment’s Monks Blood on our VERY FIRST episode, which you would know if you ever bothered to look at the handy dandy Episode Guide. I can’t do everything for you.

Speaking of the Episode Guide, during this episode, Russ wondered aloud what sort of traffic the Episode Guide might generate as a result of me mentioning it on every single episode. Well, I will tell you that the Episode Guide is the 3rd most visited page on the site. The most visited page, not surprisingly, is the home page, and the 2nd most visited site is actually … Episode 28 (Monday Night Brewing and Alt-J). And now you know.

The song this week is by Buke & Gase (pronounced Byook and Gayce). I talk a lot about how I shouldn’t like this band but I actually like this band. It is a conundrum. We also talk about their use of 3-over-2 polyrhythms (aka hemiola, THANKS RUSS). Russ, mentions that the syncopation sounds ‘dirty’. Subsequent listens reveal that yes, it may not be what one would call precise. Also, near the end of the song, there is healthy use of 4-over-3, which is totally different. Oh my god, just listen to it.

#28 – Monday Night Brewing and alt-J

28 Nov

We visit Atlanta’s own Monday Night Brewing and spend some time with the venerable Jonathan Baker discussing the finer points of recipe formulation, business modeling, and, obviously, Bryan Adams. We drink MNB’s Fu Man Brew, a Belgian-style Wit. Before we started recording, Jonathan showed us around the new brewery, which they hope to bring online early in 2013. We are especially interested to see how the combination go-kart track / foam dance party room is going to work. (Following the visit to the brewery, we tacked on a 5-minute review of MNB’s Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale. I’m telling you guys, the gifts just don’t stop flowing over here. I hope you realize how good you have it.)

We let Jonathan pick the song because we are gracious hosts, and that song is called ‘Breezeblocks’ off the debut album from alt-J called An Awesome Wave. This is not a song that Russ or I would have picked (mostly because of our mutual ignorance of the artist), which leads me to believe that we should have someone else pick the song for every episode. And the beer. And write a script. Now accepting applications for Programming Manager. This is not a ringing endorsement of the song, mind you, it has some nifty parts and it also has some cheezy parts.

ANYWAY, listen to this crap. It’s awesome. Also, longest episode to date.

A note about the audio – the original levels were extremely low, so I ran the speaking portions through Levelator. The results are much better than the original, but there is some harshness in spots. SORRY. At least this isn’t some deviation from our normally high audio standards, because it is literally different every time we record.

Episode #28 – PREVIEW

27 Nov

Below is an 18-second taste of Episode 28 wherein Russ and Tony visit Monday Night Brewing. It is, without a doubt, our greatest episode ever.