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#26 – New Holland Dragon’s Milk and West End Motel

13 Nov

New Holland Brewing from Holland, Michigan is new to the Georgia market. We enjoy one of their flagships, the Dragon’s Milk Ale Aged in Oak Barrels. And when I say we enjoy it, I mean we enjoyed it, because it is a very enjoyable beer. But you’re going to have to be patient because it takes us until the 4:00 mark to even mention the beer.

We actually start the episode with a little musical discussion. We were touching base on the Mountain Goats song from Episode 25, and Russ did an impression of what a ‘chipped’ note sounds like. You can hear this impression at exactly 1:44. It is … special. So special, in fact, that I isolated the noise and it is now the notification sound my phone makes whenever I receive a text.

I’m serious:

Click here for the ‘chipped’ noise .m4r file (iOS ringtone)

Click here for the ‘chipped’ noise .mp3 file

The musical conversation continued with a brief analysis of my deep contempt for RUSH, who were playing live in Atlanta when we recorded this episode. Sigh. I just don’t get the Neil Peart worship. Stiffest drummer ever. OH LOOK AT ALL MY DRUMS AND PADS AND CYMBALS AND TRIGGERS. I thought about embedding a video for reference, but I’m not sharing my space. If you are having trouble sleeping, watch Peart’s solo on David Letterman from last year.

Whatever. Let’s see, what else. Apparently Russ has some Jewish ancestry he is either suppressing or unaware of because he says Mazel Tov twice in this episode. We analyze Sprayberry Bottle Shop’s Twitter handle.

Oh right, the song! We headed down the path toward listening to a song from Mastodon, but took a sharp turn at the last second and opted for a song from West End Motel, featuring Mastodon’s own Brent Hinds. Russ was nervous at the beginning, but his anxieties were soon eased marking TWO EPISODES IN A ROW he has enjoyed the song. All attempts at description on the podcast and on this blog are failures, so you’ll just have to listen. Song starts around the 12:00 mark.

#25 – Evil Twin The Cowboy and The Mountain Goats

7 Nov

We drink The Cowboy Smoked Pilsner from Evil Twin Brewing. I mention that Evil Twin is from New Zealand. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I GOT THAT INFORMATION, but it is wrong. I blame Blake. They are originally from Denmark, but they contract brew all over the place. Regarding the brewery name, Evil Twin, I correctly indicate that the proprietor of Evil Twin, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, is the brother of Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, the driving force behind Mikkeller. Whether the name Evil Twin has anything to do with IRL brotherhood, I have no idea. One quarter teaspoon of preparation would have prevented this entire paragraph, and yet, here we are.

The beer. It is interesting how the quality of the beer affects the quality of the banter. Smoke, as a flavor, is risky in general, especially so when dealing with a light style like Pilsner. We struggled a little bit with this one, not going to lie.

The song. I like the Mountain Goats an awful lot, but this was for Russ. In fact, I thought about having him write this paragraph, but I think I read somewhere that WordPress posts have a 900,000 word limit. This episode is worth listening to if only to hear how fast Russ is capable of speaking immediately after the song ends. Oh my god he talks so fast. I’m so excited. I’m so scared.

UPDATED: I was completely wrong about the song. The horn work is great. Tony’s crappy laptop speakers strike again. Sorry Mountain Goats ^R