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#78 – Oakshire Brewing Perfect Storm DIPA and Disasteratti

9 May

Oakshire Brewing - The Perfect Storm Double IPA

Mike D., of the short-lived but awesomely hilarious Slewcast, sent me a box of some of Oregon’s best, and we get into the first of them starting on this episode with Oakshire Brewing‘s The Perfect Storm DIPA. We did this beer a disservice by not having virgin palates when we drank it. Despite that misstep, this is a wonderful beer and we enjoyed it. Sorry, Oakshire. Send us shirts please. Large.

Complimenting the DIPA is a recently released track from Minneapolis “noise/groove/attack rock” artists Disasteratti. I gotta tell you guys, Russ is coming around on some of this rock stuff. It’s probably just Stockholm syndrome. Whatever, I’ll take it.

Housekeeping note: This episode is being posted two days after our TWO YEAR anniversary of this crap. Two years!? ehehehehehehehehe

Disasteratti Cerebral Hack Artist

#77 – St. Archer Double IPA and Rancid

2 May

Saint Archer Brewery

We drink a DELICIOUS Double IPA from St. Archer. I hate to give away the review in the teaser here, but I will just tell you this one is up there with Pliny and Heady. It’s amazingly good.

And while we’re spoiling things, Russ picks Rancid from the board of songs expecting to hate it, and he loves it! There, now you don’t have to listen. But you should probably listen because you’ll get to hear Russ say “clap of approvement.”

Rancid - And Out Come The Wolves

#51 – The Alchemist Heady Topper and Jason Isbell

16 Jul

Wherein we drink the very popular and highly regarded Heady Topper from The Alchemist up in Vermont and listen to the very popular and highly regarded Jason Isbell from over in Abbalamma.

Heady Topper is currently #1 on Beeradvocate’s Top 250 list. Interpret that however you want. Does Heady Topper deserve to be the highest rated beer in all of Beeradvocateland? I have no idea. Give it a listen to hear our PARADIGM-SHIFTING INSIGHT and INCESSANT BABBLING. Props to The Alchemist for resisting the temptation to name their operation the ALEchemist. One day the craft beer industry will mature beyond stupid beer-related puns. One day.

This episode is the latest in a long line of episodes where we talk about things we know nothing about. One thing we know nothing about is Jason Isbell, but that doesn’t stop us from listening to and discussing a song off his latest album, Southeastern, because we are both CULTURALLY and INTELLECTUALLY CURIOUS. As a special offer for reading this far, I am pleased to announce this episode, like the episode before it, actually includes TWO songs from the artist in question. We are bursting with content.

Couple programming notes:

  • Right out of the gate, my face is WAY too close to the mic. Things stabilize eventually, but I apologize that, for the first couple minutes, you are able to hear what I ate for dinner last Halloween.
  • Despite the aforementioned audio snafu, this is a good episode to listen to on headphones, if only for the second Jason Isbell song. Editing this episode was the first time I had heard the songs on headphones, and it is a completely different experience. Really interesting musical nuances. You can do whatever you want. I’m just saying.

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#18 – Sam Adams Double IPA and Fang Island

19 Sep

1 Beer 1 Song is now old enough to vote! And we celebrate with America’s own Third Voyage Double IPA from Sam Adams, aka AMERICA’S BREWERY (*not actually America’s brewery). We lead off with a historical discussion about the furniture in my basement before moving on to discuss the globalization of Cascade Hops (of which The Boston Beer Company claims to use varieties from three different continents). I also complain about East Coast / English-style beers, because they’re boring.

The song is from the recently released Fang Island album, Major. It’s called Chompers. It is cheezeball and fun. It doesn’t hurt Russ’s feelings.