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#94 – Southern Tier Pumpkin Beers and Taylor Swift

26 Sep

Southern Tier Brewing Company

So, we tried to record a sour beer episode with Meghan like a year and a half ago. Actually, we did record an episode with Meghan in early 2013, but this was back when we just plopped one mic in between all of us and went to town. While this approach had (barely) passed muster in a few previous instances, this particular audio was unusable. Fast forward nineteenish months and we managed to pull it off again, albeit not without some audio shenanigans. At some point along the way, we’ve become bereft of the necessary mic/cord configuration to support three mics. NOT TO WORRY, we still have the old Tascam DR-1 recorder, so we figured out to rig that as a third mic. But it is a stereo mic that requires its own channel, so Russ and I had to share a channel, which means I had to venture into numerous unexplored audio compression/EQ territories, all of which I am wholly unqualified to explore. I’m exaggerating, it actually doesn’t sound too bad, but it was an adventure. Also, my lovely wife Gia makes a guest appearance.

So, I’ll just cut to the chase: It’s officially autumn and Meghan and Gia are white chicks, so we went the obvious route and drank pumpkin beers from Southern Tier Brewing Company (Pumking and Warlock) and listened to that new Taylor Swift song. Not really much more to say about it, honestly. Get in there.

Taylor swift - 1989

#93 – Bell’s Black Note Stout and NOMEANSNO

19 Sep

Bell's Black Note

Another day, another barrel-aged imperial stout, this time from the gang at Bell’s in Michigan. Someday, I imagine we will tire of drinking all these amazing beers, but not today.

For the song, we get a little meta and play the entire version of our little transition snippet, “Stocktaking” from the venerable NOMEANSNO. Russ’s opinion of the song may or may not surprise you, because, deep down, Russ is not an idiot.


#91 – Crooked Stave Surette and NOFX

5 Sep

Crooked Stave - Surette

We regain control of the clock after the blather marathon that was episode 90. The most remarkable thing about this episode is Russ’s reaction to the beer. He has turned a real corner on sour beers, and I’m pretty sure this is what it feels like to send your kid off to college. Not really sure there’s anything to tie the beer and the song together. Crooked Stave makes sour beer (really well), and Fat Mike from NOFX has a … tart voice? I’ll stop.

NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs, and a Bean

#89 – Bootlegger’s Black Phoenix and Jane’s Addiction

22 Aug

Bootlegger's Black Phoenix

This week marks another technological step forward for 1B1S the audio plant. I recently received a second pair of headphones as a gift. One Monoprice splitter later, and BOOM! we’re both wearing headphones while we record. I know. Real ground-breaking there, guys. Whatever, you are the beneficiary.

This week we drink Black Phoenix Chipotle Coffee Stout from Bootlegger’s Brewery. Why yes, that is an ambitious beer name. Does it live up to its name? What happens next will OH JUST LISTEN TO THE STUPID EPISODE.

We listen to an oldie from Jane’s Addiction. Before you listen, just take a minute to think about what Russ will say about Jane’s Addiction. It could go either way, right? I KNOW. No spoilers.

Jane's Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual

#88 – Florida Beer Company Devil’s Triangle IPA and Quiet Hounds

14 Aug

Florida Beer Company

Welcome to 1 beer 1 song where, according to Russ, “each week we undercategorize and misrepresent a beer and a blah blah blah …” Sometimes it’s like he’s never listened to a single episode of the show. That’s actually quite possible.

This is the final of three episodes with Garrett and Dave. We were gifted some IPA from Florida Beer Company, which we summarily drank and pondered. Click the link to the website at your own risk, it is depressingly neglected and barely functional. By the looks of things, FBC would much rather you visit them at their Facebook page.

The song this week is a track from the brand-spanking-new Quiet Hounds album, Wild Hunt. Those keeping score will recall we reviewed a Quiet Hounds song WAY back on episode 8, around the time their last album came out. This is fun because Russ and Dave play instruments with the Quiet Hounds, so we will probably review a Quiet Hounds song every time they release a new album. Also, they are good and we like them.

Programming note: No idea what the weirdness is 20:49-20:55, possibly cell phones?

Quiet Hounds - Wild Hunt

#87 – Grand Canyon Hop Bomber and The Rentals vs Weezer

8 Aug

Grand Canyon Brewing Company - Hop Bomber IPA

This is the second of three episodes with four dudes, two mics. Garrett and Dave are back and they are PISSED. Just kidding, they are both quite cordial. Garrett recently spent a whole month dicking around the hemisphere with his wife and family, and he brought back a bottle of Hop Bomber IPA from The Grand Canyon Brewing Company in … you get one guess where The Grand Canyon Brewing Company is located. This particular beer features a widget similar to what you typically see in Guinness, et al., except this one is called a Flavor Bomb and it is packed with hops. We talk about the widget A LOT. We also spend a significant amount of time on the Grand Canyon website. So much, in fact, it would probably enhance your listening experience if you were also looking at the website while you listen to this episode. But don’t, um, try to do that if you are driving, you maniac.

The song(s) this week come from Weezer and The Rentals who both have new albums coming out soon. Weezer officially died when they kicked Matt Sharp out in 1998. Thankfully Sharp is still making music via The Rentals. We go through all of this. Just listen already, GOD.

Programming note: I think I figured out what the horrible gong noise is. Any guesses?

Weezer / The Rentals NEW ALBUMS

#86 – Founders KBS Vertical and Trampled By Turtles

31 Jul

Founders KBS

Our first four-way! Call it an all-star episode. From a handful of previous episodes, we are joined by both Garrett AND Dave. This is actually the first of three four-way episodes. The production is a little all-over-the-damn-place because four dudes two mics, but it actually comes out sounding better than I expected.

For a momentous occasion such as this, we pulled together an interesting beer. Actually, three beers. Actually, the same beer from three different years. I’ll just get to it, the beer was KBS from Founders Brewing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We THINK the bottles were 2009, 2013, and 2014. We’re sure one was 2014, we’re pretty sure one was 2013, and I think the other one was from 2009, sort of.

Trampled By Turtles released a new album on July 15th, so the fact that we’re reviewing one of their songs should be OBVIOUS. We take a listen to “Come Back Home”. It is good.

Production note: I have NO IDEA what that sound is at 20:27. Best guess wins nothing. [It happens again at 24:49!]

Trampled By Turtles - Wild Animals

#85 – Foothills Seeing Double IPA and Dillinger Four

30 Jul

Foothills Brewing Seeing Double IPA

Another beer from of the Cackalatias, this time Foothills Brewing, which happens to be in the Northern of the two Cackalackies. Unfortunately for us, and for the brewery, we drank this beer WAY after the optimal freshness window. At least we think we did. There wasn’t a date on the bottle, so Russ called the brewery, live on the air. New rule: Always call the brewery live on the air, at least when we’re recording during regular business hours. Long time listeners will note this is not the first time we’ve reviewed a Foothills beer. Think back to Episode 10. Hahaha, no one remembers episode 10.

The song this week comes from Minnesota’s own Dillinger Four, who have an AWESOME website built and hosted on a little platform called Angelfire. Russ attempts to deface the board of songs because Russ is terrible. Thankfully, I thwarted his terrible plot because I am wonderful. This episode is wonderful.

Dillinger Four - Situationist Comedy

#84 – AleSmith IPA and Dayroom

23 Jul

AleSmith IPA

Oh look, an IPA from San Diego. This time from Alesmith. Why yes, we HAVE enjoyed beer from Alesmith before. It was episode 63, thank you for asking. Unfortunately this one was bottled almost six months before we drank it. What happens next will [probably not] surprise you.

Russ brought the song this week! Insights into Russ’s musical heritage are normally a real treat and this one does not disappoint. Apparently a band called Dayroom was a thing when we were in college during the Clinton administration. They are reuniting for a couple shows so we spin one of their old hits. What happens next will [probably not] surprise you.

Dayroom - Contagious

#83 – Westbrook Mexican Cake and Mastodon

21 Jul

Westbrook Brewing Company Mexican Cake Imperial Stout

We got our hands on the much-ballyhooed Mexican Cake Imperial Stout from Westbrook Brewing Company over in South Cackalatia. This beer was acquired “organically,” meaning I purchased it at retail price from my local alcohol purveyor. I did not have to trade away an arm and/or leg, and I didn’t pay some crazy auction price for it. This is a very interesting beer.

For the song, we revisit a brand new track from Atlanta’s own Mastodon. How do you revisit something that is brand new? I WILL TELL YOU. I updated GarageBand immediately before recording what was to be episode 78. We drank Pliny The Freakin’ Elder and listened to this Mastodon song. The resulting audio was unusable because … GarageBand. We are revisiting the song because it is good. And as soon as we get another bottle of Pliny, we’ll revisit that too.

Mastodon - One More 'Round The Sun