#146 – Westbrook Weisse Weisse Baby and Prince

29 Apr

Westbrook - Weisse Weisse Baby

Hello! Spring break is OVER! Actually, long hiatuses between episodes are a direct result of real life being too busy, which is the opposite of any notion of a break, so … you should feel sorry us, is what I’m saying. Haha, no, not really.

Joining us again on the first of two episodes following his own 3-year break from 1beer1song guest-hosting stardom is none other than BERNIE DAWG. Bernie originally appeared on episode 43, back during the Clinton administration. We have all become deeper, more complex beings since then. Life is an amazing journey, you guys.

WE DRANK A BEER. It is called Weisse Weisse Baby and it is made by Westbrook Brewing Company over in Mount Pleasant, South Cackalatia. We’ve previously evaluated Westbrook beers on episode 83 and on the very special episode 55.5, which was actually an episode of the late Dawg Gone Podcast hosted by our good pal Ludakit. Do you like how I linked Bernie Dawg all the way around to the Dawg Gone Podcast? Yeah, I didn’t see that one coming either. I am in the zone!

WE LISTENED TO A SONG. It isn’t by Prince, but it features Prince because OBVIOUSLY. We explain our choice during the conversation, so you should go listen to that, OBVIOUSLY, but I will tell you the guitar solo in question actually begins at the 19:50 mark in the show if you want to jump straight to it.

And that’s it. Get in there.

The Best of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum

#145 – Orpheus Transmigration of Souls IPA and ELP

8 Apr

Orpheus Brewing - Transmigration of Souls Double IPA

A lot going on around the Tall Brown Media studios these days, so I’ll keep this brief. We recorded this episode like three weeks ago and I’m just now getting it out the door. Back off!

We drink a fantabulous Double IPA from our friends at Orpheus Brewing, who we visited WAAAAAY back on episode 108.

We listen to a song from Emerson Lake & Palmer because when we recorded this, Keith Emerson had *just* passed away. Now it just seems like we’re just late and slow, which is certainly not NOT the case. But you knew that.


ELP - Brain Salad Surgery

#144 New Belgium Ben & Jerry’s Brown Ale and Sister Sparrow

30 Mar

New Belgium + Ben and Jerry's Brown Ale

*Show note: Sorry for the clipping in this one.*

We drink a brown ale from New Belgium that has been inoculated with all kinds of ice cream and drugs from Ben & Jerry’s.


The song is from Sister Sparrow and it is called Make It Rain.

Great job, everyone.

Sister Sparrow - Pound of Dirt

#143 – Cigar City 2015 Dark Woods and Toto

11 Mar

Cigar City - The Dark Woods 2015

Welcome to the internet’s only podcast about vampires. At least, that’s what an uninitiated listener would think during the first ~2:40 of this episode where we talk about neither beers nor songs but rather vampires. LOL PODCASTING.

This week we drink the 2015 vintage of Cigar City’s The Dark Woods Old Ale. This beer was hand-schlepped back from Florida by our friend and occasional guest, Dave. Probably would have been a nifty idea to have Dave be a guest on the episode where we drink the beer he hand-carried to us from a different state. Alas. Jesus Christ.

This is one of the, if not the, best weeks of music in the history of this shambling ode to impulsive inanity. You just have to listen. It is so good.

Toto - IV

#142 – Oskar Blues Death By Coconut and Big Jesus

4 Mar

Oskar Blues - Death By Coconut

This week we drink an Irish Porter from Oskar Blues called Death by Coconut. Irish Porter is an actual style, but not really, well sort of, I guess you can think what you want. It is a beer. We drank it. [It’s good!]

The band this week is an ATL band called Big Jesus. Jesus they are big. Not really, there are only four of them. [big] Jesus Christ, they’re not a ska band. This song is from their 2013 release, One, but they have some new stuff coming out at some point, so go ahead and plan to hear form these guys again.

Alright then.

Big Jesus - One

#141 – Hopslam and Nathaniel Rateliff

19 Feb

Bell'd Hopslam

Hi! On this episode of a podcast, we drink a beer that we’ve drinked before because we are completely out of ideas so we’re going to record sequels to all the episodes we’ve already recorded just like Hollywood no that is not actually the case. We’re drinking Hopslam because it is a beer that comes with an insane amount of hype and we happened to receive this year’s batch in Georgia from Michigan 7 days after it was canned, WHICH IS NEAT.

Russ picked the song this week, which I always appreciate, and it is a gospel song about either drinking yourself to death or not. ALSO NEAT.

Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats

#140 – Tropical IPAs and the Magnum P.I. Theme

5 Feb

Tropical Beers

It is the dead of Winter, so what better time to drink some tropical beers and listen to some tropical music? This is pretty self-explanatory. We drank Collaboration #5 from Boulevard Brewing Company and Cigar City Brewing, and we also drank Sierra Nevada’s 2016 Beer Camp Spring Seasonal, which happens to be a Tropical IPA.

It’s been a while since we’ve picked the song on the fly, but we managed to pull it off without even stopping the recording because we’ve been doing this for a combined seven decades. If you read the title of the episode then you know what song we chose, so I’m going to stop typing and get to posting on social because my various reporting mechanisms tell me NONE of you read the website and ALL of you interact with our #brand on social.

Magnum P.I.

#139 – Coastal Empire Dawn Patrol Mole Stout and Baroness

29 Jan

Coastal Empire - Dawn Patrol Mole Stout

Hi! This is an episode of a podcast. On this podcast episode, we drink and discuss a beer from Coastal Empire Beer Company called Dawn Patrol Mole Stout. I don’t know what else to tell you. You know how this works.

Coastal Empire is in Savannah, so OBVIOUSLY we listened to a song by a band from Savannah, because we are masters at thematic consistency. [You know you are in good hands.] Baroness is from Savannah and they are super great. Hardcore Beersongers will no doubt recall we first listened to Baroness on episode 10. They released a new album last fall.

The only show note worth mentioning is that throughout this episode we talked about Mike Post and Harold Faltermeyer AND Steely Dan AND Yanni and then didn’t listen to a song by any of them. Maybe foreshadowing. Maybe not.

Baroness - Purple

#138 – Fannin County Brewing and Bowie AND Queen

22 Jan

Fannin Brewing Company - Hive Kicker

Hi there! Let’s get to it. It’s January, which means the Georgia General Assembly is … well, they’re doing General Assembly things, though, there’s a good argument to be made that we should stop laughing at their absurd absurdity. We spend some time talking about things we’re expecting to see relative to craft beer this session. To read a very excellent recap of how we got to where we are now (over the past couple years) and what we might expect, go read this piece by Coleman Wood at his site cheers-yall.com. [Wood is really really good at clearly explaining complex, multi-threaded concepts, and his deep understanding of the inner workings of the Georgia political process makes for consistently great reading.]

One of the more interesting tidbits to surface during the run up to this year’s 40-day slap fight, was House Speaker David Ralston (who has received copious funding from ‘big beverage’) publicly questioning the current regulatory environment. When a journalist from 11Alive pressed Speaker Ralston by adding ““Wholesalers seem to have very impressive power in this building,” Ralston responded,

“Let me tell you who has more power over me. Two guys in Blue Ridge that have two businesses. I have to look at them when I’m in town. And I know other members that come eye-to-eye and face-to-face with these small business people that run these craft breweries. That’s a pretty powerful influence.”

So, it would be neat if we could talk about a beer brewed by one of these “Two guys in Blue Ridge,” right? YES IT WOULD. Behold, Hive Kicker from Fannin Brewing Company in newly influential Blue Ridge, GA.

And while we’re being timely and topical, we talked about a song from one of the several recently deceased 69-year old British gentlemen.

Queen - Hot Space

#137 – Alpine Nelson IPA and Eagles of Death Metal

7 Jan

Alpine Beer Company

HAPPY NEW YEAR. This is a shorty morty to get things rolling here in 2k16.

Following the palate destruction of the last episode, we swing the pendulum in the other a different direction with a bright, hoppy IPA from Alpine Beer Company. The Nelson Golden Rye IPA showcases … wait for it … Nelson Sauvin hops from New Zealand. Rather fortuitously, Sean, our holiday correspondent, was born in New Zealand and has been to the town of Nelson. Id like to say we planned that, but sometime you just get lucky.

The song this week is from Eagles Of Death Metal. For those of you residing beneath rocks, EODM was on stage performing at the Bataclan Theater when the theater came under a devastating terrorist attack last November. They have since launched a campaign called Play It Forward where they’ve asked anyone interested to cover their song “I Love You All The Time” and they will donate 100% of the royalties to charity. We take a spin through the original version of the song.