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26 Oct

1. I am right brained, which means I want to see all the data at once and identify my own patterns. I love maps.

2. At numerous times since the inception of this podcast, I have wanted to quickly reference a beer or a song or an artist that I know we’ve covered, and I haven’t had a quick way to locate and/or sort the information.


Look up and to the right. Yeah, right there between About and RSS. Permanent link, yo. I will no doubt use this link more than any of our listeners, but its potential to help any interested party quickly reference something we’ve covered in the past should be fairly obvious, you guys.

[I recommend episodes 13 and 20.]

New Site, New Feed

26 Sep

Greetings and welcome to the new home of 1Beer1Song! The previous hosting situation was adequate except for several key details that were terrible. Nothing like a shiny new WordPress install dripping with plugins and widgets to inspire confidence and creativity. Now then.

As we’re learning, one of the most important things about podcasting is accommodating the different ways people consume, er, podcasts. With this recent migration, we also have an entirely new subscription / syndication landscape. We’ve done this in such a way that should minimize disruption, but you never know. Actually, there are really only a couple details to mention.

1. PRIMARY CONCERN – If you subscribe via the old tumblr site, things might get a little weird because we’re not exactly sure what we’re going to do with that site. Ideally we’d like to mirror the new site there for MAXIMUM PENETRATION, but that’s down the list. Please update your RSS situation to for everything from and if you only want new episodes of the podcast.

B. If you subscribe via iTunes, things should continue for you uninterrupted. I alerted the iTunes store of the new feed URL, so that should propagate in due time.

IV. If you subscribe using the Feedburner feed, that feed URL will remain unchanged and has been updated to reflect the /podcast/ feed. If you want to receive the full content from, please subscribe to the top-level feed:

Episode 19 (featuring a special guest!) will be along shortly. Feedback and ideas are always welcome.

Haaaaaay Russ.