#139 – Coastal Empire Dawn Patrol Mole Stout and Baroness

29 Jan

Coastal Empire - Dawn Patrol Mole Stout

Hi! This is an episode of a podcast. On this podcast episode, we drink and discuss a beer from Coastal Empire Beer Company called Dawn Patrol Mole Stout. I don’t know what else to tell you. You know how this works.

Coastal Empire is in Savannah, so OBVIOUSLY we listened to a song by a band from Savannah, because we are masters at thematic consistency. [You know you are in good hands.] Baroness is from Savannah and they are super great. Hardcore Beersongers will no doubt recall we first listened to Baroness on episode 10. They released a new album last fall.

The only show note worth mentioning is that throughout this episode we talked about Mike Post and Harold Faltermeyer AND Steely Dan AND Yanni and then didn’t listen to a song by any of them. Maybe foreshadowing. Maybe not.

Baroness - Purple

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  1. Chris Barber February 2, 2016 at 9:38 AM #

    Wow Russ. Wow. Aids cake. Thanks for the heads up on Baroness guys. Been listening to them all morning. I guess I should go back and listen to the earliest of episodes to see if there are any more gems…

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