#134 – Hard Root Beer and Lettuce

4 Dec


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It’s a hard root beer war!! No, actually, a few days after we recorded this episode, a tweet revealed one of the brewers we discuss in this episode is suing the other brew we discuss in this episode. [If you’re into this kind of crap, Brendan Palfreyman is a really good handle to follow.] Anyway, we didn’t know about the litigation until after recording, hence no mention.

So let’s talk about soda pop that gets you wasted. Like everyone else, we saw Smalltown Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer explode onto shelves this Summer. But it wasn’t until a recent Brewbound article by Chris Furnari about the impending “hard soda wars” that we decided this is a category in need of the patented One Beer One Song half-formed opinions and misinformation. To compare to NYFRB, we chose Sprecher’s Hard Root Beer, which they bill as Not Your Grandaddy’s Root Beer. Sooooooo, unlike a lot of these seemingly overreaching craft beer lawsuits lately, this one seems pretty straightforward. I probably would have sued you too, Sprecher. Here are some of the links from the show that talk about some of the common “questions” about Smalltown Brewwery and NYFRB:

Not Your Father’s Root Beer: My Strange Visit to Small Town Brewery by Michael Agnew
The story behind Not Your Father’s Root Beer by Joe Sixpack (Don Russell)

Jesus, we have to do a song too? Haha, just kidding, WE LOVE SONGS. This song came to me via the list of new releases on Spotify. Lettuce has been around for 20+ years and they have a new album out called Crush [warning: SoundCloud auto-play]. The only thing I’ll say about the song is that, yes, I am throwing Russ a major bone here. Also, we rambled A LOT before actually getting to the song, so, whatever, you know you’re going to listen anyway.

Show notes:
– Russ talks about soup. If you’re into that sort of thing.

Lettuce - Crush

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