#133 – Bayou Teche Biere Joi and Foxing

20 Nov

Bayou Teche - Biere Joi

We kick things off with a robust conversation about those stalwarts of American brewing: Miller Lite and Coors Light. Thankfully, we move quickly to the beer this week, which is Biere Joi from Louisiana’s own Bayou Teche. Quick! Name a brewery in Louisiana other than Abita. I know, right? Well we’re here to help. That’s all we really want, is to help. You.

The song this time around is the second-to-last one on that Buzzfeed list we got the song from in Episode 132. [Might could see us revisiting this list a couple few more times in the future.] The song is “Weave” from the most recent Foxing album, which is called Dealer. The only thing I will say about the song is that I cannot believe this band is not from Scotland.

Okay. Get in there.

Foxing - Dealer

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