#132 – Stone Enjoy After 7.4.16 and The Wonder Years

13 Nov

Stone - Enjoy After 07.04.16

There is a beer made by Stone Brewing Company. It is an IPA that receives a shot of brett at bottling. Stone intends for drinkers to cellar the beer for a year before drinking, a notion they communicate to drinkers by having named the beer Enjoy After [Insert Date]. In a stunning blow to the craft beer establishment, we have chosen to drink the 07.04.16 version of this beer a full 8 months early. Also I stored it in the refrigerator for like two weeks, which is counterproductive if you want yeast to be awake and doing its thing. And, as we suggested to ourselves during the show, I have secured another bottle and it is sitting not in the refrigerator for consumption some time in late Summer 2016. Click the image below for a high-res version of the label with all the relevant details. Stone continues to be the Apple Computer of craft beer.

Stone - Enjoy After 07-04-16 High-res

The song this week is by The Wonder Years, and it kind of landed in our laps. Neither of us has any previous exposure to this group’s music. Many of you will love it. Many of you will hate it.

Some show notes for your records:

  • Russ says “Beonard Lernstein” at 16:07
  • The unison “Monday Night Brewing” at 23:25 was unintentional, but Monday Night is free to purchase advertising from us whenever they wish.

    The Wonder Years - No Closer To Heaven

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