#131 – Sam Adams Double Bock and Silversun Pickups

4 Nov

Samuel Adams - Double Bock

I’m not really sure what to say about the episode this week. There isn’t anything particularly noteworthy about the beer, I don’t think, which is Samuel Adams Double Bock brewed by The Boston Beer Company. It’s certainly seasonally appropriate. It was gifted to me by a relative who was told by a retailer that it is extremely rare. I can neither confirm nor deny the rareness of this beer, because I’ve never really considered the availability of any flavor of Sam Adams outside of perhaps Utopias. And consideration given Utopias starts and stops with, “Oh, that is really expensive. I bet it’s really sweet and boozy.” SPEAKING OF SWEET … Russ has many thoughts on this beer and this brewery and their place in the industry and their place on our podcast. If, like me, you never would have guessed Sam Adams is Russ’s favorite brewery, well, you might actually be sort of good at guessing.

The song this week contains a bit of a gimmick that I thought was chuckle-worthy when we recorded the episode, but, after going back and listening, said gimmick doesn’t really register on the chucklograph. CAN’T WIN ‘EM ALL! I’ll just say this to tie it all together: The song at the end of the episode is Nighlight off of Silversun Pickups’ latest album, Better Nature.

The only other show note this week is that Russ says “swig of bresh air” because Russ.

Silversun Pickups - Better Nature

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