#130 – Wicked Weed Medora and Hot Wives

28 Oct

Wicked Weed - Medora

This time around the track we are supping a beer brand new to the Georgia market. We are drinking Medora from Asheville’s own Wicked Weed Brewing. I would link directly to the Medora page, but WW’s website does not work that way. It’s one of the things we talk about. Wicked Weed makes very good beer, which, by proxy, means this is a very good episode. [It’s in the constitution, look it up.]

Also brand new to Georgia are some songs one of my bands, Hot Wives, recorded recently. They haven’t been released yet, so you are very very special for getting to hear one of them. As you listen, keep reminding yourself how special and wonderful you are.

Hot Wives

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