#127 – Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest and Quiet Hounds

11 Sep

Sierra Nevada - Oktoberfest

Soooo, we recorded episode 126 per our standard protocol. When I opened the file to edit, Garageband threw up an error that said, “LOL, can’t find two of your vocal tracks #sadtrombone. RIP, episode 126, you were adequate and mildly amusing and we hardly knew ye.

As we mention in the show, this episode was intended for release at some point in the back half of September. However, with the unfortunate demise of episode 126, you [episode 127] are going to Top Gun [a week or so early].

OKTOBERFEST. It is a beer brewed in conjunction with a large festival in Germany. Sierra Nevada has made a version in conjunction with Brauhaus Riegele. We drank it. I got some in my nose.

QUIET HOUNDS. They are a local band who recently released a new album. Russ sometimes plays music with them. We’ve talked about them previously on episode 8 and episode 88 (whoa).

Couple show notes:

  • Russ mentioned someone taking a stab at redesigning Amazon’s website. I said I would post a link. LINK POSTED.
  • If you’re only here to hear us sing a beer description in 12/8 meter, skip to ~8:45 in the episode.
  • SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL LIST. If you’re reading this in iTunes, come to the website.

    Quiet Hounds - Shake Don't Shatter

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