#120 – Three Taverns A Night On Ponce IPA and Florence and the Machine

2 Jul

Three Taverns - A Night On Ponce IPA

We have visited a handful of local breweries. In fact, we’ve kind of made it a rule, if the brewery is in town, why would we sit in my basement and speculate when we can have a conversation with the horse’s … uh … mouth, I don’t think that’s how that saying works. ANYWAY. Three Taverns Brewery is a relatively new brewery in Atlanta, specifically Decatur, Georgia. I would explain what we drank and why it’s significant, but we talk about all that on the episode, so shut up and put on your headphones already.

This is a special episode because it’s always a special episode when Russ picks the song. We listen to a new track from Florence and the Machine. It’s important to note, the version we listened to is the version in the video posted below (gotta be looking at the blog to see the video). Apparently, this is a video-specific version because the version on the album is … much different. I say that to save you from liking this version and then racing to the album version only to be disappointed.

Florence and the Machine - How Big How Blue How Beautiful

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