#113 – Second Self Beer Company and Umphrey’s McGee

24 Mar

Image from yelp.

Brewery wall photo from yelp.

    Ah, the first days of Spring. We depart the comfortable confines of my windowless basement and head into the sunlight and the warm, welcoming arms of Second Self Beer Company, one of Atlanta’s newest breweries. Founder and beer architect, Jason Santamaria, was nice enough to let us in, give us beer, and answer our questions. Pretty darned generous, eh?

    It seems only natural then, while visiting a brewery called Second Self, one would enjoy the sweet sounds of a song called Second Self. Maybe it’s not that natural. Either way, that’s what we did. This version happens to be by Umphrey’s Mcgee, a band whose name is weirdly difficult to type for some reason.

    Alright then, get in there.

    Umphrey's Mcgee - The London Session

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