#112 – Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail SSH and Pelican

19 Mar

Evil Twin Brewing - Single Simcoe Hop Molotov Cocktail

This episode is equal parts disaster and triumph. We drink the Single Simcoe Hop version of Molotov Cocktail from Evil Twin Brewing. [Not sure why it’s called Single Simcoe Hop and not Simcoe Single-Hop, but WHATEVER.] The last time we contemplated a beer from Evil Twin was way back on episode 25. We drank The Cowboy, a smoked pilsner, and, since you’ve no doubt listened to and internalized every single episode of this show, I shouldn’t have to remind you that The Cowboy was not a beer most would consider a “good” beer. So, this episode was to be Evil Twin’s redemption. Unfortunately … well, you’ll just have to listen. Yes, it is unfortunate you have to listen.

THEN, we listened to what I hoped would be a scorcher from Pelican, and instead … well, you’ll just have to listen. Shutup, Russ.

So, after both of those … events, we ended up reviewing a food item that I made, because why the hell not. All that in just over 22 minutes!

Pelican - The Cliff

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