#110 – Clown Shoes Extremely Angry Beast and Torche

26 Feb

Clown Shoes Beer - Extremely Angry Beast

Wheee, I wonder what horrible, idiotic mistake this episode will contain. Please alert us of all current and future mistakes in the form of iTunes reviews, but only if they also come in the form of 5-star ratings. This is the second of two episodes with our buddy Garrett who has a radio voice that reminds me of melted chocolate ice cream. What does that even mean?

The beer this week is Extremely Angry Beast from Clown Shoes Beer in Ipswitch, MA, a brewery we first discussed way back on episode 7, and who I maintain has the best beer names on the market.

The song this week is from Torche, who I love. Go to their site and play their video game. It is great. They released a new album called Restarter on 2/24. We listened to “Blasted.”

A show note:
There was some digital audio weirdness at 3:43 – 3:50, which can only mean I need a new computer. Sweet.

Torche - Restarter

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