#108 – Orpheus Brewing and Béla Viktor János Bartók

12 Feb

Orpheus Brewing

This week we packed up the gear and headed to Orpheus Brewing where brewmaster Jason Pellet filled us with beer and provided some insightful stories behind one of Atlanta’s most interesting young breweries. Russ and Jason walk through the Greek mythology of Orpheus (read more at Wikipedia if you like). Orpheus was a musician, Jason has a Master’s degree in music, and Orpheus Brewing is rife with references to the mythology and music in general. Lest you be suspicious, you can tell we’re in a brewery (or other large facility) because you can hear the HVAC kicking on and off throughout the episode (first time around 0:56).

In addition to providing some delicious beers, Jason also contributed 1B1S “first” by submitting a Classical piece as the song, specifically the first movement of Bartók’s Concerto for Orchestra. We listened to the first half or so and then kept things moving because we are RADIO PROFESSIONALS and we’re trying to get GOOD TAPE or something. The version we listened to is a 1955 recording by The Chicago Symphony Orchestra directed by Fritz Reiner, which is widely considered to be the best rendition of Bartók’s best work. I said I would include a link to the full movement on the site, and, technically, that is posted below, but I couldn’t find a free streaming version of the Reiner performance, so the recording below is from 2004 by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Karel Ancerl.

Bartok - 1955 Chicago Symphony Orchestra recording

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