#97 – Trillium Brewing and Old Man Gloom

20 Nov

Trillium Brewing Company

This is a loosely Boston-themed episode. The beer is from Trillium Brewing Company, which is most definitely in Boston. Like, right downtown. I was there on a business trip recently and the internet told me there was an excellent brewery a few blocks from my hotel. So I went there, and schlepped a couple bottles back to the dirty dirty.

The song connection to Boston is a little bit looser, but I stand by it. Since you all have listened to every episode of this podcast repeatedly, you will no doubt remember the song from Episode 13, a little ditty by Old Man Gloom. Russ LOOOOOOOOOOOVES Old Man Gloom. Special treat: Russ does a serviceable Bill Clinton impression at the very end.

Old Man Gloom - The Ape Of God

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