#96 – Brewster’s Brewing Co and Yip Deceiver

14 Nov

Brewsters Brewing Company

After a not-so-relaxing fall break, we are back with a lukewarm vengeance. Rather than ease back into the normal routine, we are coming straight at you with an ALL RUSS EPISODE. Russ procured the beers from his buddy Donny, who has a role at Brewsters Brewing Company, which has numerous locations across Canadia. We love it when brewers give us beer to review. If you’re reading this AND you’re a brewer AND you haven’t sent us beer, well … we can’t help you. I mean, we can help you, but you have to send us beer.

Russ also brought us a song this week. The band is Yip Deceiver, who, for whatever reason, I keep calling Yip Destroyer. Yip Deceiver hail from Athens, GA. Russ explains their origins and Athens-related family tree on the episode.

If you do venture into this episode, make sure you listen all the way to the end.

Yip Deceiver - Medallius

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