#94 – Southern Tier Pumpkin Beers and Taylor Swift

26 Sep

Southern Tier Brewing Company

So, we tried to record a sour beer episode with Meghan like a year and a half ago. Actually, we did record an episode with Meghan in early 2013, but this was back when we just plopped one mic in between all of us and went to town. While this approach had (barely) passed muster in a few previous instances, this particular audio was unusable. Fast forward nineteenish months and we managed to pull it off again, albeit not without some audio shenanigans. At some point along the way, we’ve become bereft of the necessary mic/cord configuration to support three mics. NOT TO WORRY, we still have the old Tascam DR-1 recorder, so we figured out to rig that as a third mic. But it is a stereo mic that requires its own channel, so Russ and I had to share a channel, which means I had to venture into numerous unexplored audio compression/EQ territories, all of which I am wholly unqualified to explore. I’m exaggerating, it actually doesn’t sound too bad, but it was an adventure. Also, my lovely wife Gia makes a guest appearance.

So, I’ll just cut to the chase: It’s officially autumn and Meghan and Gia are white chicks, so we went the obvious route and drank pumpkin beers from Southern Tier Brewing Company (Pumking and Warlock) and listened to that new Taylor Swift song. Not really much more to say about it, honestly. Get in there.

Taylor swift - 1989

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