#92 – Ecliptic Brewing Coalsack CDA and AVALAUNCHER

12 Sep

Ecliptic Brewing

The final beer from the Mike Douglas gift box is the Coalsack Cascadian Dark Ale from Ecliptic Brewing in Portland, OR. You may know Cascadian Dark Ale by its other name, Black IPA. Don’t worry, we discuss the naming convention. You will be much smarter after listening to this episode.

From the Board of Songs, Russ chose none other than Avalauncher, a band I played in from 1997 – 2003. It brings me immense pleasure that Avalauncher’s music has aged, if not well, then at least not poorly. I still enjoy listening to it from time to time. Russ was surprisingly complimentary, but I’m fairly certain that’s because I was sitting right in front of him.


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