#90 – Breakside Elder Statesman and Rival Sons

29 Aug

Breakside Brewery
Wow. Not really sure what the hell we were thinking with this one. Yes, there is a beer. Barrel-aged Elder Statesman from Breakside Brewery to be specific. (Check out their Beers page. It’s neat.) Yes, there is a song. “Keep On Swinging” by Rival Sons if you must know. Pretty standard, right? Well, somehow we managed to talk for almost FORTY THREE MINUTES. Sure, there’s a long, very awkward conversation about women’s underwear, followed up by an equally long, utterly pointless story about working at IHOP and T.J.Maxx. But 43 minutes? If you like listening to us bloviate, then this episode is audio Xmas for you. If you’re unsure how you feel, listen to this episode with the knowledge that all of the other episodes are better than this one, and then go listen to all the other episodes.

Rival Sons - Keep On Swinging

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