#87 – Grand Canyon Hop Bomber and The Rentals vs Weezer

8 Aug

Grand Canyon Brewing Company - Hop Bomber IPA

This is the second of three episodes with four dudes, two mics. Garrett and Dave are back and they are PISSED. Just kidding, they are both quite cordial. Garrett recently spent a whole month dicking around the hemisphere with his wife and family, and he brought back a bottle of Hop Bomber IPA from The Grand Canyon Brewing Company in … you get one guess where The Grand Canyon Brewing Company is located. This particular beer features a widget similar to what you typically see in Guinness, et al., except this one is called a Flavor Bomb and it is packed with hops. We talk about the widget A LOT. We also spend a significant amount of time on the Grand Canyon website. So much, in fact, it would probably enhance your listening experience if you were also looking at the website while you listen to this episode. But don’t, um, try to do that if you are driving, you maniac.

The song(s) this week come from Weezer and The Rentals who both have new albums coming out soon. Weezer officially died when they kicked Matt Sharp out in 1998. Thankfully Sharp is still making music via The Rentals. We go through all of this. Just listen already, GOD.

Programming note: I think I figured out what the horrible gong noise is. Any guesses?

Weezer / The Rentals NEW ALBUMS

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