#85 – Foothills Seeing Double IPA and Dillinger Four

30 Jul

Foothills Brewing Seeing Double IPA

Another beer from of the Cackalatias, this time Foothills Brewing, which happens to be in the Northern of the two Cackalackies. Unfortunately for us, and for the brewery, we drank this beer WAY after the optimal freshness window. At least we think we did. There wasn’t a date on the bottle, so Russ called the brewery, live on the air. New rule: Always call the brewery live on the air, at least when we’re recording during regular business hours. Long time listeners will note this is not the first time we’ve reviewed a Foothills beer. Think back to Episode 10. Hahaha, no one remembers episode 10.

The song this week comes from Minnesota’s own Dillinger Four, who have an AWESOME website built and hosted on a little platform called Angelfire. Russ attempts to deface the board of songs because Russ is terrible. Thankfully, I thwarted his terrible plot because I am wonderful. This episode is wonderful.

Dillinger Four - Situationist Comedy

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