#81 – Yards Brewing Company and Sting

20 Jun

Yards Brewing Company

My good buddy Will hand delivered to us three beers from Yards Brewing Company in Philadelphia, Pennsyldelphia. Yards makes “British-inspired ales,” which generally means lower alcohol levels, grassy/spicy/earthy hops (as opposed to citrusy/piney/fruity), and a focus on subtlety and balance. All three beers were quite good.

Russ picked from the Board of Songs, and one might think he chose Sting to match understated British music with understated British ales, but he was actually more fascinated with the fact that, for a handful of years in the mid 90s, I was a really big Sting fan. WHATEVER. I have my reasons and they are valid. Come at me.

Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales

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