#79 – Ninkasi Critical Hit R&D Barleywine and Ray Lamontagne

20 May

(The bottle we drank was a 2012, not 2011.)

(The bottle we drank was a 2012, not 2011.)

We drink a 2012 Critical Hit Barleywine from Ninkasi’s R&D (rare & delicious) series. It was indeed delicious. This is the latest trasure from the box of beer Mike D. sent a few weeks ago. I was texting with Mike, and my phone autocorrected ‘barleywine’ to ‘battle wine,’ which is a much, much better name for, well, everything.

I gave Russ a choice this week. He could pick from the board of songs, or we could review a new song from radio-friendly Ray Lamontagne. The reason I nominated Ray Lamontagne is 1) I’m a big fan of his song Trouble, and 2) he is from Maine and has a beard and Ninkasi Brewing is in Eugene, Oregon. Obvious, right? The option Russ selected is SO SURPRISING. Seriously, I would not have been more surprised if Russ unzipped his skin and was actually Madonna.

Ray LaMontagne - Supernova

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