#70 – Laurelwood Old Reliable and NOMEANSNO

7 Mar

Laurelwood 2007 Old Reliable

Garrett is back and we pull a big ‘ol barleywine from Laurelwood out of the cellar. We implore Justin (of Barstool Therapy) to tell the folks at Laurelwood that the 2007 Old Reliable is still really good. This episode is chock full of misinformation and rule breaking. To the question, “What is your favorite barleywine,” Russ responded, “Dragon’s Milk,” which, of course, is a stout. To the question, “When was the last time we reviewed NOMEANSNO,” I responded rather emphatically, “Episode 50.” The last time we listened to NOMEANSNO was, of course, episode 40. Speaking of NOMEANSNO, this is the first use of the FREE SPACE on the Board of Songs. Things just get better and better, you guys.

NOMEANSNO - Worldhood of the World As Such

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