#69 – Bell’s Hopslam and ALL

28 Feb

Bell's Hopslam

We’re joined this week by our good pal Garrett in the first of three episodes with suckers guests. You may remember Garrett from episodes 54 and 55 when we tore through a Hebrew Jewbelation Vertical Gift Pack. This time around, Garrett brought over a Bell’s Hopslam from 2012, which we tasted next to a bottle from this year’s batch. It may sound like we’re just using Garrett for his beer. Nothing could be further from the truth. We love Garrett. I love you, Garrett.

As the special guest, and because he showed up with a beer but no song, Garrett got to choose a song from the Board of Songs. He chose ALL, which was actually a fairly recent addition at the behest of our buddy (and 1 Beer 1 Song superfan), Noland, of the Barstool Therapy Podcast. If you want to hear Russ and Garrett really underappreciate a song, you gotta check this out.

All Breaking Things

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