#68 – IPA SHOWDOWN and The Mountain Goats

20 Feb

Ballast Point Sculpin Lagunitas Sucks Stone Enjoy By 2.14.14

Whale whale whale, what have we got here? We got ourselves some sorta IPA showdown! I make some disclaimers at the beginning, but it should be plainly obvious that this is by no means comprehensive, or, for that matter, not ridiculously stupid. That said, comparing beers side-by-side is where its at and we would do this even if we weren’t recording. Also notable: We wax parental immediately after the song (around the 21:00 mark). At 37 minutes total, this one runs a bit long, but, come on, THREE BEERS! Also the very end is chuckle-worthy. Do it.

The Mountain Goats The Sunset Tree

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