#56 – Grassroots Brewing Arctic Saison and Volcano Choir

12 Sep

Grassroots Brewing Arctic Saison

A critically acclaimed beer (well, brewer) and a critically acclaimed song. We drink Arctic Saison from Grassroots Brewing, which is actually a collaboration between Shaun Hill of Hill Farmstead and Anchorage Brewing Company. If it seems like we’ve been drinking a lot of Saisons lately, it’s because we have, but there is a good reason: Saisons are awesome. If you disagree, you are probably Russ. Actually Russ has been a good sport considering I’ve been pummeling him with a style that is not his favorite.

We also listen to a track called Byegone from the recently released Volcano Choir album, Repave. Volcano Choir is relevant because it contains Justin Vernon, aka Bon Iver (note to Russ: Bon Iver, not Gotye). I mention in the episode that Repave comes out on 9/3 and that this episode would be out before that. Just ignore that part. We also talk about Hanson and The Hanson Brothers and the movie Slap Shot.

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Volcano Choir - Repave

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  1. Justin September 28, 2013 at 3:31 AM #

    Fantastic song choice. Can’t find Hill Farmstead here, but that is now my new mission. Thanks.

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