#52 – Stone Farking Wheaton wOOtstout and Tim Timebomb

30 Jul

If it seems like we review beers from Stone Brewing Co. more often than any other brewery, it’s because we do. According to the Episode Guide, this marks the 4th time in 52 episodes we’ve reviewed a beer brewed by Stone, which means they constitute roughly 7.7% of our total body of work. To be clear, we’re not intentionally trying to be Stone fanboys. If someone asked me for a short list of my favorite breweries, I probably wouldn’t even mention Stone, but the fact is they consistently make some of the most interesting beers on the market. And the numbers (our numbers) certainly don’t lie. I’ve often said Stone is the Apple Computer of the craft brew world and I stand by that comparison. ANYWAY, we drink Stone’s Farking Wheaton wOOtstout. And we talk about it. Duh.

Russ runs with the bulk of the beer commentary, mostly because I didn’t know anything about Wil Wheaton heading into this episode. Turns out, that Wil Wheaton is a busy guy! Drew Curtis, of Fark fame, was also involved in this collaboration. Hopefully the name of the beer is starting to make sense. Here’s a link to a video about the beer, which, while very informative, is not as good as listening to us stumble our way through it.

To continue our theme of collaboration, we listen to the most exciting musical collaboration in recent memory: Jesse Michaels and Tim Armstrong of Operation Ivy making music together for the first time since I was in middle school. There’s no way to accurately capture OpIvy’s significance and influence on modern music, so rest assured that we were successful in not capturing said significance amidst our rambling. Also, the name of Michaels’ latest band escaped me during recording, despite the fact that I reviewed it on my very own blog last year. That band is called Classics of Love.

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