#50 – Three Floyds Dark Lord and The Pixies

10 Jul

Our 50th Episode Extravaganza! To commemorate such a momentous occasion, we drink the venerable Dark Lord Stout from Three Floyds and we listen to the recently released new track from the Pixies, their first new material since 1991, also a fairly momentous occasion if you ask us, which you didn’t.

We’ve both had Dark Lord once previously, so this voyage was more about managing expectations relative to our previous experience than anything else. And because a couple years of hops and barley residue have since clouded our memories, who’s to say what will happen!?!?

I love the Pixies. They produced an amazingly important body of work during the late 80s and early 90s. Before this episode, Russ had never heard the Pixies. I would type something sarcastic like SHOCKER, but I was legitimately surprised that Russ had never, to his knowledge, ever heard a single note from such a seemingly ubiquitous band. So, let’s make his first experience be the first new song the band has recorded in 22 years. What could possibly go wrong?

We also discovered that we both love(d) Night Court. Russ even “sings” a few bars of the opening credits. Also, the real name of the actor who played Mac is Charles Robinson.


3 Responses to “#50 – Three Floyds Dark Lord and The Pixies”

  1. Justin August 16, 2013 at 2:46 AM #

    NEVER heard the Pixies?!? I find this incredibly hard to believe. Hasn’t Russ seen the smash hit movie from years ago known as “Fight Club”? Ending sequence = Pixies. Come on, Russ. It’s the fucking Pixies.

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