#47 – He’brew Funky Jewbelation and Dillinger Escape Plan

18 Jun

This week, we ponder a funky beer from Shmaltz Brewing and a flame thrower of fevered, mathy insanity from Dillinger Escape Plan. The beer, He’brew Funky Jewbelation 2013 (#8 in the Shmaltz Barrel-Aged series), is a massive blend of six different beers and one could quite easily lose an entire weekend taking long contemplative sips and staring of toward the horizon.

The song this week is a real barn-burner. One may hypothesize that I pick songs like this just to antagonize Russ, and one would be like 34% correct, because the other 66% of me does actually enjoy Dillinger Escape Plan. Heavy, intense, frenetic, complex, dynamic, there’s just so much to try to process, not unlike this week’s beer. Russ describes the song as ‘schlegma.’ Russ has a way with words.

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