#46 – Stone Enjoy By IPA and FEAR

12 Jun

This week, we openly defy the demands of Stone Brewing and drink the 6th edition of their Enjoy By IPA 11 days AFTER the Enjoy By date. Despite being past the Enjoy By date, this beer was still under two months old, which is far fresher than a lot of the beer you normally drink, especially for stuff that comes from the other side of the country (or, say, across oceans). Stone is to be commended for their efforts to spread the gospel of fresh beer. Not only does Stone advocate that craft beer is best when consumed fresh, they put their money where their mouths are and ask customers to Report Expired Beer. Listen to the episode to get our thoughts on the beer.

The song is a bit out of left field. Russ expressed an interest in what I thought was the band FEAR, but was actually just a fun fact about FEAR’s singer, Lee Ving. (Worth noting: FEAR does not appear to have an official website.) We listen to “I Don’t Care About You” off Live … For The Record. Lots of fond memories from this record and Russ’s cultural awareness has again been expanded a couple orders of magnitude. We do good work here, people.

Speaking of doing good work, you may have noticed on the last two episodes that we sound FREAKING AWESOME. This sonderful new development is due entirely to the acquisition of a Mackie Onyx Blackjack USB interface. Now we each have our own mic so our voices can be mixed as separate tracks. Honestly, though, I just put all the spoken tracks through a compression meat grinder and all the levels come out the same. Whatever works.

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