#43 – Blue Point No Apologies and Sorta

15 Mar

We drink No Apologies Imperial IPA from Blue Point Brewing Company with the one and only Bernie Dawg, the force behind Bernie’s Dawg Blog (http://www.berniesdawgblawg.com), and a contributor at Blog on Draft (http://www.blogondraft.com). He is also prolific on the Twitter (@berniedawg). His online efforts generate literally hundreds of millions of pageviews per second. Literally. We have so much in common with him, not having him on the show was creating a tear in the space/time/internet continuum, despite none of us having actually ever met him. Well, the tear has been sutured. You are welcome.

We debated the song selection at length. Ultimately, I reached into the archives for a neutral number from Sorta, mostly because I didn’t want Russ to have a meltdown in front of guests.

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