#38 – Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout and Descendents Tribute

8 Feb

Coffee Stout and the Descendents. I’m actually kind of annoyed it took us this long to think of pairing coffee beer with the Descendents, but I’m more shocked it took us this long to talk about a beer from Lagunitas, a brewery we both think very highly of.

This was a fun episode, but going back and listening, all I can think of are all the things we failed to talk about. Take Lagunitas for instance. We love Lagunitas. Yet we completely neglected to mention that they are in the midst of a $9.5 million expansion that includes a shiny new 250-barrel brew house, a brew house that was destroyed in shipping and had to be rebuilt. We also completely whiffed on mentioning that Lagunitas is building a second brewery in Chicago, which will also have a 250-barrel Rolec brew house. Lagunitas has more going on than maybe any other American craft brewery and we failed to mention 100% of it. No, we called the 800-number on the bottle and listened to their outgoing voicemail message. We should be buried in ad revenue any minute, right?

And despite what I thought was total worship of the Descendents while we were recording, I somehow failed to begin to capture the significance of their place in my life and my friends’ lives growing up. I failed to mention that instead of drinking or drugging, my friends and I would sit at IHOP for hours and hours (and hours) drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, and having conversations that sounded like we were reciting Descendents lyrics. That seeing ALL open for Bad Religion on 7/25/1992 is still one of the greatest days/nights of my entire life, full stop. That I went for coffee (at a different IHOP) with Bill Stevenson, whom I consider a major musical influence, and talked about drums when ALL came thorugh Atlanta in 1995. That, with Davehog on vocals, the members of Avalauncher formed a Descendents cover band called Pretendents and played one awesome show in Vancouver, WA.

So, like I said, this is a fun episode and I like it a lot. But it’s not what I envisioned coming out on the other end when we pressed record. Oh well, such is the risk with improv and zero ounces of preparation. Onward!

2 Responses to “#38 – Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout and Descendents Tribute”

  1. Dave February 8, 2013 at 4:30 PM #

    This is the most awful cover I have ever heard. Man. Depressing. Fuck this guy. Fuck auto-tune. Fuck his shitty sounding acoustic guitar. Fuck his other band. FUCK. This is awful. Just awful. I know I sound like Russ now. FUCK.

  2. Tony February 11, 2013 at 1:09 PM #

    Dave! We thought we’d lost you for good. Glad to hear you still hate the show.

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