#31 – Charbay R5 Whiskey and Ben Gibbard

18 Dec

R5 Whiskey from Charbay is whiskey distilled from an entire batch of Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA. Now that I have your attention, we obtained a bottle and drank it. And by we, I mean Russ, myself, and SETH! Seth has been a quasi-intentional influence on the show on a number of different occasions, so we were glad to finally sit down and chat with him, you know, ON THE RECORD.

So, yeah, Hop Flavored Whiskey. I’m not sure if we did a good job explaining that this is not actually whiskey that has been flavored with hops, rather it is a whiskey that has been distilled from a very hoppy beer. In fact, if I saw this on the shelf, the phrase Hop Flavored Whiskey would make me think, “Wow, that sounds gross,” and I loooooooooooooove hops. You know what liquor needs a hop-flavored version? Gin. Seriously, you guys, hop flavored gin. You guys. CHARBAY!! Hop flavored gin. Tequila might also work. Anyway, this whiskey is much better than the label makes it sound. We drink it and talk about it. So, you know, listen to the episode if you’re into hearing us … do that.

Seth picked the song. I gave him the parameters that it should be either new or important. He went with a track of the recently releases solo album from Death Cab’s Ben Gibbard. The album is called Former Lives and the song is called Bigger Than Love. It is a duet with Aimee Man. LISTEN TO IT.

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