#13 – Ruckus Brewing and Old Man Gloom

17 Aug

AKA The episode where Russ uses the “1,000 Suns” metaphor TWICE. It’s fun writing these posts because I get to make fun of Russ and he doesn’t get to respond.

We drink Hoptimus Prime from Ruckus Brewing. The Ruckus website has one of those mind-numbingly frivolous age-check filters with multiple drop down menus on the landing page, BUT kudos to them for pre-loading the menus with a birthday from the 1950s, so all you have to do is click GO. We liked Hoptimus Prime (despite the name), particularly the finish.

The song. Oh, the song. If you’re into it, Old Man Gloom washes over you like a 20-foot tsunami made of the tears of your enemies. If you’re not into it, your name is probably Russ, or you are my wife. Russ is not a fan. Actually Russ’s ranting causes him to say several things that make absolutely no sense. It’s wonderful.

UPDATED: *Remember that time that Tony forget that Russ has the login and password to the tumblr [now WordPress]? Yeah that was awesome. Tony, eat a 1000 dicks. -Russ*

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  1. Clint September 28, 2012 at 12:17 AM #

    I drink wine out of a logo glass frequently – because I got one of those glasses from that place that that guy’s family owns.

    Listened for over an hour tonight guys – nice work fellas.

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