#12 – Furthermore Beer and Frozen Pints

14 Aug

Summer Break continues at Casa de Russell as we talk about Knot Stock from Furthermore Beer and Malted Milk Chocolate Stout ice cream from Frozen Pints.

Knot Stock is an American Pale Ale infused with cracked black pepper. Brewing with wacky ingredients like black pepper is risky because the line between “I can’t taste it” and “Oh god what” is incredibly thin. Furthermore does a solid job of walking that very fine line. Unfortunately, they also fall prey to the same fate as almost every “pepper” beer I’ve ever had. “Oh, that’s neat. Interesting flavor. I like it. I could only ever drink one of these, though.”

After the candy pop from episode 11, we thought we’d sweeten things up EVEN MORE by reviewing ice cream. Ice Cram from Frozen Pints is relevant, however, because it is made with beer. We sampled the Malted Milk Chocolate Stout flavor.

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