#11 – HUB Organic IPA and A SURPRISE

9 Aug

Still on Summer break at Russ’s house. We expect numerous strongly worded responses to this one. NUMEROUS.

We reeeeeaally enjoyed HUB’s Organic IPA. We stumbled a bit on one of the hops listed – Ahtanum. From Werkiperderder:

Ahtanum is a hop variety that in its aroma/flavoring is similar to Willamette in combination with Cascade or Amarillo. It has a citrus and floral character much like Cascade with the addition of some resiney or earth notes. Grapefruit quality is more forward in Ahtanum than in Cascade as well.This variety was bred in the 90’s by C.E. Zimmermann. It is trademarked brand YCR 1 cv. Alpha acids are lower than Cascade at 3.5% to 6.5% Alpha acid units (AAU), making Ahtanum a good choice for a flavor addition when you do not want to impart quite the bitterness of Cascade or Amarillo. A recent taste-test comparison between Ahtanum and Willamette has described some similarity between the varieties. Its name is derived from an area near Yakima, Washington State, where the first hop farm was established in 1870.

As for the song, well, you’ll just have to listen. The guys from Monday Night Brewing should pay particular attention at the 9:40 mark.

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