#7 – Clown Shoes Brewing and Ben Folds Five

3 Jul

In this episode of 1 Beer 1 Song, which is equal parts LONG-AWAITED and RIVETING, we drink Hoppy Feet from Clown Shoes Brewing in Ipswitch, Massachoochoo and listen to a new song from Ben Folds Five.

Lots going on around camp 1 Beer 1 Song these days. We’re embarking on an epic brew day this week (two completely different ten-gallon batches in one day), and I’m hoping we’re able to spit out a couple more shorts if we can keep it together. Also, we have a couple more full episodes in the can already so look for those in the coming days / weeks.

You will notice this is another text post, meaning no audio player. I am torn because these text posts render SO MUCH BETTER in iTunes than the audio posts (seriously, look us up on iTunes; first 5 posts were audio, last two were text). But, by doing it as text instead of audio, we lose the ability to embed the audio player right in the post, and I know at least a few of you used the audio player right in the post. Why can’t we have both?!?! Tumblr is like Jigsaw from those Saw movies, forcing us to chose between two horrible options. If you have any feedback or insight, hit us up @1beer1song. ANYWAY, enjoy Clown Shoes and Ben Folds.

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